23 octobre 2016

« Americans vote '16 : Tale of a fractured country ? »

Thirteen years ago, long before I would even think of creating this newsblog Paroles d’Actu, I decided to attempt to contact candidates to the 2003 California gubernatorial recall election : what was their background, why they were running, their feelings about France at a time of diplomatic tensions between our two countries over the Iraq war. I’ve always tried to find out how the Internet could be used to reach out to people from distant places, to chat, exchange with them about our countries, about politics and life. I... [Lire la suite]

29 janvier 2012

Who wants to abolish the Monarchy ?

On February the 6th, 1952, Princess Elizabeth, the King's eldest child, was in Kenya with her husband Philip. It was him who had to tell her the news : her father, King George VI had just died. Past the grief of a 25-year-old daughter, Elizabeth knew from then what would soon be upon her head : one of the world's most prestigious crowns. Being the head of state, the figurehead of dozens of nations, including the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. From now, she would be The Queen. This was 60 years ago. Queen Elizabeth II is still... [Lire la suite]